Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Almir's Birthday

Recently, i was deeply honoured to be a part of Almir's birthday celebration. It was a mini meetup for the MRF (classified my ass) boys. We had supper at Al-Azhar followed by cake cutting session at Kent Ridge Park. Sian, Ben, Nizar, Is and of course Almir were there. Boy, have we all grown up. Everyone's moved on and gone to do a whole lot of adult stuff and i am truly happy for all of them. I was all ears when they tell me about their lifes but somehow, deep inside, i couldnt help but feel that ive lost something that i could never retrieve.

Dont get me wrong; i am proud of all of them and to what they have achieved. But with all due respect to each and everyone of them, id rather they not. I still would like to think that they have not moved on and that they are all still my bunk mates. I still would like to have them doing section movement, deployments and running around in MOPP 4 in the hot afternoon sun with me. I still would like to have them as my fellow compatriots getting screwed by Encik together. I still would like to go jogging with Ben in the middle of the nite. I still would like watch Sian play mahjong. I still would like to have a fag with Almir at the "DRC". I still would like to screw 4th with Is. And i still would like to bitch about Encik in bed with Nizar.

And inevitably, there is the story about Encik M. Our leader in the MRF back in the old days. We shuddered thinking and talking about him. But as much as we all hate to admit it, this man has left a crater in our lifes. I'd be lying if i tell you he had not. He shaped me and showed me the way to confidence and leadership capabilities. He is definitely not perfect but then theres only so much that 1 man could possibly do.

But then this entry is not about Encik. It is not about how 3rd Platoon has finally moved on into adult life neither. It is in fact about friendship; its about our bond that we shared and how much we have sacrificed to stick together. We went through a lot within the short duration of our miserable NS life; more than people would ever give credit for. How "kilat" we were, or how fit, or how garang we became, or how sore our butts were after doing a few hundred squats with our loaded bags and rifles. But that was all in the past and this history will never repeat itself.... ever.

It is my pleasure to tell you that it has really been an honour to have been a part of this team. Ive really missed you guys.

PS: Encik always say that people will never understand the amount of shit that we go through. How did he know? Ive never fully appreciated that notion, not until today. Hua!

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