Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Petition against rape in Singapore

I just read this entry from Holly Jean's blog about how right here in our very own beloved country called Singapore, non-consensual sex between husband and wife are not considered as illegal unless under "extreme limited scenarios", what ever that means. Yes, i just found that out too. You can read more details here.

I believe Holy Jean has done a wonderful job in spreading this piece of news on her blog and i feel that it is only my duty to help her spread the word. Hopefully, only in numbers can we help to influence our lawmakers to reconsider. Also, at the same time we can also help to create awareness within our society. So im calling out to all my readers to help sign the petition here:

No To Rape

It really doesnt take too much time or effort and the best part is that you have the privilege of anonymity when you sign up. So please, do your part and help.

PS: In a country of over 4 million people, i am only number 00849 to have signed up for this petition.


Holly Jean said...

hey ya elvan..

thanks for this.

(and u got some good photography going on here)


Elvan said...

for this you are mostly welcome and i thank thee for the compliment ;p